Intro to Permaculture MOOC – Oregon State Uni & Canvas Network

Hello everyone,

I have just completed the Introduction to Permaculture course offered by Oregon State University on the Canvas Network platform.


It is being run again in a couple of months and I would encourage all those with an interest in permaculture and sustainable living to take part. It’s free and open to all.

The course leader Andrew Millison is a very experienced Permaculturalist and has an excellent teaching style.

Here is his bio from Canvas Network:

Andrew Millison

Instructor – Department of Horticulture


Andrew Millison has been studying, teaching and practicing Permaculture since he took his first design course in 1996. He started teaching Permaculture at the college level in 2001, and has been an instructor at OSU in the Horticulture Department since 2009. Andrew currently teaches the Permaculture Design Course and the Advanced Permaculture Design Practicum at OSU, on campus and online.

Andrew first learned Permaculture in the drylands, where he studied at Prescott College for his undergraduate and Master’s degrees. In Arizona, his focus was on rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, and desert agriculture. He started a Permaculture landscape design and build company, and also worked in an ecologically-based Landscape Architecture firm.

In recent years, Andrew’s focus has been more on broad scale farm planning, Permaculture housing developments, and obtaining water rights. In 2015 he founded Permaculture Design International, a collaborative design firm for working on large scale projects globally. Andrew brings his rich experience of designing and building his own and clients’ projects for nearly 20 years to his teaching, and seeks to impart real world experience to his students.


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